Flushing Karate: The BEST Martial Arts Facility in Genesee County!

Flint Journal 

Flushing Karate

120 N Cherry St

Flushing, MI

(810) 733-3000

Traditional Tang Soo Do

ages 5 and up


Your road to Black Belt begins with a

2 week Trial Membership


Includes - 2 weeks of classes and a uniform


Beginner classes are

Monday and Wednesday at 6:30-7:15

Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:45


You may come to any of these classes 



Call or email to schedule your first class

or come to any beginner class 15 minutes before class time


810-733-3000   flushingkarate@gmail.com

Cardio Kickboxing Class


 High energy and fun class is for any skill level.

Karate Members and Non Members are welcome 


Mondays and Wednesdays & Thursdays



$5 per class or $35 for 8 classes

Black Belt Members are FREE!

Coming Events






Friday May 3 - all Green Belts 5:30

Saturday May 4 - Red Belt & Cho Dan Bo 9:00am

All Orange Belts 11:00am

White & Yellow Belts 12:30pm 


Registration Opens Monday April 22

You MUST register by Thursday May 


Annual All Martial Arts Championship 
Saturday April 27
Monroeville Pennsylvania 
See Sabomnim for details


Black Belt Testing February 10, 2019

Congratulations to the following students for Promoting to Cho Dan E Dan and Certified Instructor 


Cho Dan

Andrew Evancho

Steven Knorr

Jessi McDuff

Christina Barba

Karrisa Cooper 

Olivia Ferro

Salvador Barba

Ayven Evancho

Noah Fluegel

E Dan


Nick Baroski

Niki Baroski 

Kyo Sa Nim

Kevin Kilby



Flushing Karate has Promoted our FIRST Masters Class (4th Degree)


Sa Bom Nim John Drumm

Sa Bom Nim Robin Keene

Sa Bom Nim Joe Monroe

Sa Bom Nim Jacqueline Keene


A Special Congratulations to Master Jeremy Dollinger for Promoting to

O Dan (5th Degree)