Flushing Karate: The BEST Martial Arts Facility in Genesee County!

Flint Journal 

Flushing Karate

120 N Cherry St

Flushing, MI

(810) 733-3000

Temporary Schedule



5:00 - Black Belt Class

6:00 - Red II & Cho Dan Bo Class

7:00 - Red Belt & Red I Class



5:00 - Green Belt Class

6:00 - Orange Belt Class

7:00 - White & Yellow Belt Class



5:00 Red Belt & Red I Class

6:00 - Red II & Cho Dan Bo Class

7:00 - Black Belt Class



5:00 - White & Yellow Belt Class

6:00 - Orange Belt Class

7:00 Green Belt Class


This schedule will be in place until further notice

All Curriculum wil be non contact

You are only allowed to come to your belt level class unless you are an instructor

NO CHANGINGROOMS please come dressed for class

Masks are optional, Master Dollinger will not be wearing a mask but you are welcome to if you feel comfortable. 

All classes will be live on our Private Facebook group.

Classes begin MONDAY JUNE 1, 2020


You may come to any of these classes 



Call or email to schedule your first class

or come to any beginner class 15 minutes before class time


810-733-3000   flushingkarate@gmail.com

Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Andrea Petrowski

Cardio Kickboxing Class


 High energy and fun class is for any skill level.

Karate Members and Non Members are welcome 


Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays


$5 per class or $35 for 8 classes

Black Belt Members are FREE!

Coming Events



Saturday Gup Classes

 Will Return Soon




Our Next Gup Test will be June 28-July 1

Schedule will be announced soon


Spring Tournament 

Tournament WILL be rescheduled


16th ITF World Championship

Rescheduled July 29-August 1, 2021


Masters Testing will be rescheduled later this year