Flushing Karate: The BEST Martial Arts Facility in Genesee County!

Flint Journal 

Flushing Karate has Moved!!!

our new location is 120 N Cherry St

1 block north of our old location

Cardio Kickboxing Class


Taught by a Certified ITF Black Belt this

 High energy and fun class is for any skill level.

Karate Members and Non Members are welcome 


Mondays and Wednesdays & Most Fridays



$5 per class or $35 for 8 classes

Black Belt Members are FREE!

Coming Events



Winter Gup Testing 

Friday February 3rd

White and Yellow Belts 6:00pm

Saturday February 4th

Red Belt & Cho Dan Bo 9:00am

All Green Belt 11:00am

All Orange Belts 1:00pm


Winter Dan Testing and Recertification

Sunday February 5th, 9:00am

test held at Insight Health and Fitness 



Saturday March 11

Linden High School

More details TBA 


2016 iTF World Championship Participants Washington DC