Our Staff

Head Instructor

Sa Bom Nim Jerry Dollinger - Dan# 44637



  Began his training in 1999 under Master Michael Cerrito (Grand BlancMartial Arts) along with his children and is now a 4th Dan ITF Master Instructor.


 Master Dollinger Opened Flushing Karate on November 30, 2005 with 9 students and now has grown to more than 150 active members including more than 30 Black Belts.



Sa Bom Nim Jeremy Dollinger - Dan# 45505


Began his training at the age of 10 because of his desire to become the "Red Power Ranger" Now at the age of 28 he is a 4th degree Black Belt Master Instructor. His dynamic and flashy teaching style gives children of all ages something to look up to.

ITF Certified Instructors

 Kyo Sa Nim Robin Keene - Dan # 56436
 Kyo Sa Nim John Drumm - Dan # 56437

Kyo Sa Nim Andrea Dollinger - Dan # 47230

Kyo Sa Nim Emily Krupp - Dan # 66008

Jr Kyo Sa Nim Angel Cleary - Dan # 62157